Benefits Of Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

When it comes to home improvement, the garage door operating system just simply doesn’t come across as an important one for most people. Typically, garage door openers are not updating until they have broken or become worn out and inconsistent. Listed below are just a few reasons it is time to upgrade your garage door. 

Your Garage Door Opener Is Slow To Respond

Garage door openers take on significant weight every time the heavy garage door opens and closes. Even the strongest garage door openers take on significant strain over their lifecycle. After many years of raising and lowering the heavy garage door, it isn’t uncommon for the opener to slow down during operation. If your garage door is taking longer to respond to commands, it may be indicating that it is time to replace your garage door opener operating system. Other symptoms of a worn-out garage door opener include increased wear on belts, chains, cables, and other garage door components.

Although with proper care garage doors have the ability to last 30 years or more, garage door openers will need to be repaired or replaced on a much sooner timeline. On average, garage door openers have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. If you are reaching that mark or have surpassed it, it is time to have your garage door opener inspected and replaced with a newer and more reliable garage door opener. 

New Garage Door Openers Have Better Features

New garage door openers offer a variety of new features that enhance the overall experience and convenience. Some of these new features include smart home applications allowing you to manage your garage door settings remotely. Many of these systems also provide backup features such as auto backup in the event of power outages. Many of the new features include safety measures. If your garage door is dated before 1993, it is important to update your system to a new garage door as any garage door openers before 1993, were not required to have a safety device that prevented objects from being trapped under the door. Today, safety reverse is standard on all garage door openers. 

Increase Security With a New Garage Door Opener

Next to three major entry points (front door, back door, 1 st floor windows) burglars do like to enter the garage door. It is a common entry point leading burglars directly to a room full of expensive tools, sports equipment, vehicles, and more. It provides some degree of seclusion from curious neighbors. In addition, there are homeowners that don’t pay attention to their garage doors. That should not be the case, it literally takes a burglar seconds, to access and make his way into your garage and your home.

Old garage door openers operate on a fixed code, this code is sent over radio frequencies and can be easily hacked. Once the code is identified, thieves are easily capable of entering and exiting your garage and home.

Today, garage door openers are equipped with a rolling code that creates random codes every time your garage door opens and closes, preventing the ability for thieves to gain access utilizing a door code. 

Upgrade Your Garage Door for Smooth Operation

A healthy garage door is often identified by the noise, or lack of noise it creates as it opens and closes. As your garage door opener wears out, it will begin to increase in noise as hardware the hardware strains to operate properly. New garage door openers not only offer less noise due to the hardware being in good condition but also offer types of garage door openers that run quieter by design. 

The garage door specialists at OGD™ are happy to help identify the right garage door opener to fit your needs. We also offer a variety of services to ensure your garage door opener is installed and maintained properly for many years to come. Reach out to one of the OGD™ specialists by calling (844) 920 – 3667.

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