What’s The Best Garage Door for Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville florida garage doors

Ever found yourself standing in front of your garage door, remote in hand, praying for it to open? You’re not alone. Choosing the right garage door can feel like navigating a maze without a map. In sunny Jacksonville Florida, where the humid subtropical climate is as tough on us as our garage doors, making this […]

The Future of Garage Doors: Innovative and Stylish Contemporary Designs

Contemporary garage door

Ever gazed at a row of houses and found your eyes irresistibly drawn to one particular home? Have you ever noticed something that drew your gaze to a certain house? Often, the difference lies in details as subtle yet impactful as the choice of garage door. A simple shift from traditional to Contemporary Garage Doors […]

The Best Garage Doors for South Carolina Homes

South carolina home

The best garage doors for South Carolina homes are not just about aesthetics or function, they’re also about withstanding the local climate. Think of it this way… Your garage door is a significant part of your home’s facade. It contributes to curb appeal and can even boost property value. But here’s the thing – in […]

Increasing Home Value in Orlando with a New Garage Door

Home in orlando

When it comes to increasing the value of your home in Orlando, homeowners are always on the lookout for effective and worthwhile investments. One often overlooked yet impactful way to enhance both the functionality and curb appeal of your property is by investing in a new garage door. A new garage door not only offers […]

Exploring Garage Door Trends in Jacksonville: What’s Popular in Our Community

Garage door trends in jacksonville

Staying updated on garage door trends in Jacksonville is of utmost importance for homeowners and property owners. By understanding the popular garage door styles, designs, and materials that are currently in vogue, residents can enhance the curb appeal of their homes and increase their property value.  Jacksonville, with its diverse architectural styles and unique preferences, […]

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Columbia, SC: Ensuring Longevity in Our Climate

Garage door shown on a new home in columbia, sc

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on garage door maintenance in Columbia, SC. As homeowners in this vibrant city, it’s important to ensure that our garage doors are properly maintained to withstand the specific challenges posed by Columbia’s climate.  With hot and humid summers and mild winters, at OGD® our garage doors face unique conditions that […]

Summer Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors in Atlanta

Garage door summer maintenance tips

Summer is here and it’s time to start preparing for the warmer months to come. One of the most important ways to prepare your Atlanta garage door for summer is to catch up on your regular door maintenance. No matter how old or new your garage door, proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring long-lasting safety, durability, […]

The Best New Garage Doors for Fort Worth TX Homes

Best garage doors in fort worth

It’s a part of the home that we don’t often think about. However, a residential garage door plays a major role in a home garage’s look, safety, and functionality. The garage is an area that homeowners rely on to protect their car, as well as to house other personal belongings. Since they’re also connected to […]

Finding the Right Dock Leveler for Your Business Operations

Blue dock leveler

Dock levelers are essential tools for warehouses and commercial businesses. Dock levelers are essential to preventing severe accidents in warehouses and protecting the safety and health of employees. Additionally, dock levelers are essential for protecting the equipment managed by warehouse employees. Simply put, people working for organizations that regularly handle heavy, sensitive equipment that could […]