Loading Dock

Seals and Shelters

OGD® provides a variety of seals and shelters that can accommodate any size or style of loading dock or truck. Working with the specialists at OGD® for a new seal or shelter will ensure your facility is protected from outside elements, improving overall energy efficiency.

Dock Seals

OGD® provides a variety of dock seals that provide a tight seal around truck trailers when backed into a dock. These seals provide a barrier to prevent outside elements such as rain and snow from entering the warehouse. Working with OGD® to design and install a dock seal for your warehouse provides improved energy efficiency and minimizes the impact of the elements, preventing excess wear and tear.

Dock Shelters

OGD® sells and installs dock shelters that provide a flexible enclosure by forming a seal around truck trailers. These shelters allow for unobstructed access while loading and unloading freight. Dock shelters are a great option for improving energy efficiency while limiting wear and tear from off-center trailers and weather elements. OGD® offers a variety of dock shelters to fit all styles and sizes of docks and trailers.

Seals And Shelters

Compression Seals

OGD® offers compressions dock seals that create energy efficiency and climate control by sealing trailers top and sides with foam-filled compression. These compression seals are available with head pads, head curtains, and many fabric types.

Inflatable Seals

OGD® offers inflatable dock seals and shelters that provide climate control and protection that are compatible with a wide range of trucks and trailers. Of the inflatable dock seals, OGD® offers adjustable inflatable seals, stationary inflatable seals, and airframe inflatable seals.


Keep your facility climate controlled having OGD® install a new dock shelter. Our high quality shelters provide a weather tight seal that improves the overall energy efficiency while protecting loading dock equipment. OGD® sells and installs a variety of loading dock shelters, fitting to any dock or trailer.

Foam Frame Shelter

OGD® offers foam frame dock shelters that provide unrestricted access to the interior of a truck. With foam structures surrounding the dock edges, this structure ensures a tight weather seal and protection from off-center loading.

Full Access Shelter

OGD® offers full access dock seals that allow trucks to back through the pads to form a tight seal. As trailers are backed through the vertical pads, the velcro split head above the trailer is lowered down on top of the truck creating a seal on all side preventing outside elements from entering the facility.

Retractable Shelter

OGD® offers retractable shelters that provide full access to the rear of the trailer. These shelters get their name due to the frame retracting upon impact. These shelters are a great choice for busy freight facilities as the design decreases overall pressure and increases lifespan.

Stationary Shelter

Stationary dock shelters are built and installed primarily for door opening up to 10′ w x 10′ H. These shelters are suitable for facilities that need full access to the trailer and protection from the outside elements. These shelters do so by creating tight seals on the sides and top of the truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dock shelters are enclosures that seal the perimeter of the trailer to form a seal while dock seals are foam pads that trailers compress into forming a seal on three sides.