Garage Door Spring Repair

OGD®  is a national garage door company offering a variety of garage door spring repairs including: torsion spring repair, extension spring repair, garage door spring adjustments, garage door spring maintenance, garage door spring conversions, and much more.

Garage Door Spring Repair

OGD® is a garage door spring repair company helping to repair both torsion and extension spring systems. If you’re asking yourself “why isn’t my garage door opening” the likely cause is due to issues with your garage door springs. When one spring or both become compromised from use or damage, it’s likely to become unbalanced. Once this occurs the door becomes extremely difficult and causes a significant risk of damage and injury to the property and people around it. To prevent any further damage to your garage door springs or operating system it is best to reach out to the experts at OGD® for a same-day spring repair or replacement.OGD® provides customers and clients with garage door spring repairs on both extension spring and torsion spring systems.

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Due to the risks associated with garage door spring repair it is recommended to reach out to a garage door specialist for any and all garage door spring repairs. 

Garage Door Spring Repair Company

OGD® is a garage door spring repair company with a team of specialists that have been serving communities with garage door spring repair for more than 20 years. 

The garage door specialists at OGD® have the experience to easily understand the engineering of garage door spring systems and how each part plays a vital role in the operation of the door. 

With our knowledge and experience in the garage door industry, we have become the industry leader for any and all garage door repair  services including garage door spring repair. 

OGD® specializes in garage door spring repair for any and all styles of garage doors. We arrive quickly, communicate professionally, and repair skillfully to ensure little to no disruption is caused in your life due to broken or damaged garage door springs.

Types Of Garage Door Spring Repair

Torsion Spring Repair

OGD® repairs and replaces torsion springs on both commercial and residential garage doors.

Extension Spring Repair

OGD® repairs and replaces worn out extension springs, broken extension springs, and more.

Spring Conversion

Looking to upgrade your extension spring system to a torsion spring system? OGD® offers garage door spring conversions.

OGD® offers several types of garage door spring repairs  including torsion and extension springs. Identifying what type of garage door spring system your garage door operates on simply locate the garage door springs. 

Garage door spring mounted horizontally above the garage door are known as torsion springs and those located vertically on each side of the garage door are known as extension springs.  

Springs are a crucial element of the garage door working to ensure smooth operation as the door opens and closes. In the event your arahe door springs have broken, they become extremely hazardous for the people and property around.

If you have noticed your door is unbalanced, opening or closing unevenly, has become shaky, or is now unusually loud when operating it is likely your garage door springs have become faulty. 

Call OGD® to schedule a garage door repair consultation to get your door back on track quickly and professionally. Our technicians will complete a 26 point inspection of the door to properly identify the issue and clearly communicate the best option for your garage door spring repair. Our team at OGD® is ready and available to answer any questions or concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any and all garage door spring repair issues. 

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

The technicians with OGD® are prompt, professional, and prepared to handle any torsion spring repair issue that you may be experiencing and are sure to get your door back on track in no time. 

If any of your garage door spring components have been compromised or significantly damaged it is extremely important to schedule a garage door spring repair quickly, to avoid any further damage to your garage door operating system.

 OGD® provides torsion spring repair, to customers and clients across the US.  In most cases torsion springs are mounted horizontally just about the garage door opening. These springs typically run almost the entire width of the door. 

On each side of the garage door spring shaft are the drums that utilize cables to open and close the garage door. When a garage door spring breaks, the cables become loose and often separate from the drum. 

Torsion spring for garage door with red top identifying size as 225
Torsion spring for garage door with white top identifying size as 218
Torsion spring for garage doors with green top to identify its size.

Garage Door Extension Spring Repair

The specialist at OGD® have the training, tools, and experience to repair all sizes of extension spring repairs. As industry leaders in garage door spring repair we take great pride in our rapid response times, often arriving the same day to repair or replace garage door springs. 

 OGD® technicians undergo professional training at our industry leading training facility where they trained and tested on their ability to not only repair and replace garage door springs quickly but also on their ability to communicate clearly to the customer and ensure every interaction is a positive one. 

Garage door extension spring for replacement 1

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs can occur for a variety of reasons including improper maintenance, overuse, age, and of course accidents. The team at OGD® has the training, tools, and experience to repair and replace broken torsion and extension springs quickly, and efficiently.  To prevent damage to your property or injury to yourself it is highly recommended to leave all garage door spring repairs to the professionals.

*Attempting to lift a door with a broken garage door spring may cause personal injury and further damage the door.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Providing regular maintenance to your garage door springs is essential to prolonging the lifespan of your garage door springs.

Unfortunately this maintenance is often forgotten. Luckily, OGD® provides garage door spring maintenance programs where we call you when the time comes for your yearly maintenance. 

Let us take one thing off your busy schedule by signing up for one of our garage door maintenance plans.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When a broken garage door spring is beyond repair the specialist at OGD® are ready and able to replace the garage door spring. Without the proper training or tools, it’s possible to place the wrong size replacement spring or springs. Doing so will cause further damage to the door and opener. As a safety precaution, we recommend replacing both garage door springs during your visit to prevent further damage, inconvenience, and additional charges

Broken garage door torsion spring before replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring Before Replacement

Garage door extension spring after replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring After Replacement

*Garage door spring replacement is best left to the professionals due to extreme risk of damage and injury.

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No need to know how to repair, replace, or install garage doors springs. OGD® offers comprehensive garage door spring repairs, from our expertly trained technicians. Our specialists work with you from the moment you inquire until the service is complete to ensure all issues, wants, and needs are identified and resolved quickly and professionally. The technicians with OGD® are not only trained on their ability to properly perform a garage door spring repair, but also on their ability to efficiently communicate the process to our clients. From beginning to end, our technicians will walk you through what is needed and discuss what repair best fit your needs.

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Garage Door Spring Repair Near Me

OGD® takes great pride being there for our clients when they need us most. We offer our clients garage door spring repair services in convenient locations across the country to do just that. No need to continue searching for garage door spring near me, OGD® is sure to offer you the best and most reliable installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should not attempt to open or close a garage door with broken springs due to the risk of damage and injury. 

For safety reasons it is best to reach out to a garage door company for emergency repairs.

OGD® offers 24/7 garage door repairs to help with broken garage door springs.

Although repairing a garage door spring as a DIY project is possible, due to its complex nature and extreme risk it is highly encouraged to leave this project to the professionals. 

The two main types of garage door springs are:

  • Torsion Spring Systems
  • Extension Spring Systems

Identifying which garage door springs are your garage door currently has is as simple as the location in which they are installed. Torsion spring systems can be found directly above the garage door opening while extension spring systems are found on each side.

Like most garage door components, garage door springs should be maintained and lubricated a minimum of every 6 months.

Signs your garage door springs are broken include:

  1. Garage door is misaligned
  2. The garage door will only open a few inches before slamming back down
  3. The cables attached to the springs are loose and hanging down
  4. The door is visually off track or crooked
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