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OGD® works with  residential and commercial customers to provide full-service project management and construction services.

Product Management
& Construction Services

OGD® provides commercial and residential project management and construction services to many markets across the U.S. OGD® has built a trusted reputation earning us the ability to hire and partner with only the best and most reliable project managers, subcontractors, and manufacturers. As such, the team at OGD® has built a diverse portfolio that displays our experience in many projects including custom home building, aftermarket projects, and more.

Project Management

OGD® project managers have the experience to design, plan, and execute any project concisely from small-scale after-market projects to large-scale commercial projects. OGD® project management teams manage and maintain all project initiatives such as estimating project costs, creating a project schedule, communicating and collaborating with project stakeholders, and much more.
Project management team

Construction Project Management

OOGD® commercial project management is an all-inclusive project management team that includes a long list of building types, athletic facilities, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, malls, schools, and more. The team at OGD® works closely with the construction team to address all project details, scheduling procurement, cost control, risk assessment, and more. OGD® project managers follow five standard construction project management guidelines, project initiation and conception, project planning and definition, project execution and launch, project performance, and project close. These guidelines save our clients and customers time, money, and stress.

Residential Project Management

OGD® residential project management includes projects that range from new home builds, multi-family apartment buildings, and aftermarket remodels. The project managers at OGD® have earned reputations as one of the top residential project management teams in the industry. Their ability to deliver projects on time, communicate clearly and efficiently and provide the highest quality products and services is why they have earned this reputation.
Project management

OGD® Project Managers

OGD® project managers are tasked with interacting with all members involved in the construction project, including architects, owners, and contractors. Working closely with the construction team, the OGD® project managers negotiate costs, manage timetables, construction scheduling, work orders, and communicate with project owners about budget, progress, and more.

Building Construction Services

OGD® provides building construction services for a wide range of projects. Project management, project design, project planning, and construction. We supply building construction services for small-scale residential overhead doors for homes to large-scale retail and distribution centers.

Project Management

Project Design

Project Planning

Construction Services

Building Construction Sectors We Serve

Building construction services typically fall under the same categories; residential home building and renovation, and commercial and industrial construction. OGD® serves commercial and residential construction sectors regardless of the category they fall under.



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