Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors provide strength and durability improving the overall look and function of your garage. With a classic look and a variety of customization options OGD® is sure to have steel garage doors to fit your needs.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors offer one of the largest selections of styles, insulation, and price ranges. OGD® works with the industries top manufacturers to provide residential homeowners with a variety of steel garage door styles including carriage house garage doors, to more modern and classic raised panel garage doors. Steel garage doors with OGD® have many insulation, finish, and custom paint colors to complement your homes architecture and improve the overall home value.
Steel garage door

Styles Of Steel Garage Doors

Traditional Pan Style Doors

Traditional pan style steel garage doors are a great choice for many homeowners as they offer a classic look and great durability. OGD® offers traditional steel pan garage doors in a wide variety of colors, designs and insulation options.

Steel sectional garage door

Carriage House Garage Doors

Steel carriage house garage doors offer the same look of tradition wood carriage house garage doors with significantly less maintenance requirements. OGD® offers a variety of customizations for steel carriage house doors including colors, decorative hardware, and insulation options.

Steel carriage house door

Types of Steel Garage Doors

When it comes to strength, steel garage doors offer three levels: single layer, double layer and triple layer. In most cases we recommended a thicker or two to three layer steel garage door as these offer the best insulation resulting in higher energy efficiency.

Single Layer Steel Garage Doors

Single layer steel garage doors utilize the base steel layer as its only barrier between the garage and outdoor elements. These garage doors are best fit for detached garages in mild climate zones as they have little protection and will not maximize energy efficiency. 

Double Layer Steel Garage Doors

Double layer steel garage doors are manufactured with one additional layer of insulation behind the base layer of steel. This second insulation provides a higher R-value than a single layer steel garage door, increasing energy efficiency and durability. Double layer steel garage doors are typically a great choice for most environments.

Triple Layer Steel Garage

Triple layer steel garage doors have the highest r-value as they are manufactured with a steel front, thermal insulation in the middle, and a steel backing. These heavy duty doors have the highest efficiency rating when it comes to energy, offer great durability, and is virtually soundproof. With the added benefits, triple layer garage doors are recommended in most cases, however these doors are necessary in climates where extreme weather conditions arise. 

Benefits of Steel Garage Doors


Steel garage doors are significantly more durable than other garage door materials. Steel garage doors are resistant to many common garage door material issues such as rust and warping. 

Low Maintenance

Steel garage doors require little to no maintenance. Unlike wood garage doors, steel garage doors do not require regular refinishing to maintain the integrity of the door. To keep your steel garage door in good condition it simply requires regular washing to remove dirt and grime.

Weather Protection

Insulated steel garage doors offer added protection to garages that are connected directly to the home as it helps regulates the temperature within the garage. For those with a detached garage that live in harsh climates, insulated steel garage doors offer protection for cars, lawn. equipment, tools and much more.

Energy Savings

Insulated steel garage doors are a great resource for homeowners looking to save on energy bills. As previously stated, insulated steel garage doors help regulate temperature, keeping the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter without your AC or heat having to work overtime, preventing high energy costs.

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