Overhead Doors

OGD® designs and installs a variety of overhead doors for both interior and exterior elements of your home.  Add value to your home with a new overhead door for your garage or effortlessly expand your living space in a new transformative way by installing an overhead door in your home to convert your indoor and outdoor space into one. 


Overhead Doors

Traditionally overhead doors had only been considered for the outside of the home as a door for entry and exit from the garage as well as a security door. Over time homeowners began innovating the traditional aspects of their home and realized the benefits of using overhead doors in new and unique ways. OGD® has worked with many homeowners to design and install a wide range of overhead doors in non-traditional ways, creating transitional spaces and transforming the look and functionality of the home.


Overhead Doors

Installing new overhead doors in your garage is a great way to improve the overall appearance and value of your home. As a full-service overhead door company, OGD® offers our customers and clients one of the largest selections of overhead doors across the country including sectional overhead doors, full view overhead doors, carriage house overhead doors, custom overhead doors, and many more.
Residential overhead door

Transform Your Home

Transform your indoor living space into an outdoor deck or patio simply by working with the specialists at OGD® to design and install an overhead door in a new and unique way. Many homeowners now use overhead doors as retractable room dividers, gates, exterior walls, and closet doors in place of traditional elements of the home. Transform your space by working with OGD® to design and install an overhead door in a new and unique way, possibilities are endless.

Overhead Doors For Your Home

Automatic overhead doors are a great design alternative to traditional windows and doors. Utilizing overhead doors as a design element within the home easily connects two spaces with a blend of trendiness and practicality. Eliminate walls between rooms, and the borders between the indoors and outdoors by using overhead doors in a non-traditional way. 

Glass Overheads Doors

Glass overhead doors are a great way to tastefully and elegantly modernize your home.  OGD® offers endless possibilities of glass overhead doors in a variety of colors and glass options. Multiple glass options allow you to customize the privacy and natural light you desire.
Living room overhead door

Single Panel Overhead Doors

Single panel up and over, overhead doors tilt up and outward to open. Due to the nature of their operation, these doors require extra outside space for clearance while opening. Work with overhead door specialists at OGD® to design single panel overhead doors.
Up and over overhead door

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors are a common choice for homeowners seeking an overhead door for their home. Sectional overhead doors utilize sectioned panels that raise horizontally and allow the door to slide along a track connected to the ceiling. Homeowners with limited headroom may find sectional overhead doors to be the best choice as they require little space.

Overhead garage door

Slide Up Overhead Doors

Slide up overhead doors, as the name states, slide up vertically instead of horizontally onto a track allowing the overhead space to stay clear. Slide-up overhead doors are a choice for those seeking a more aesthetically pleasing system. It is important to note these doors require high ceilings that can accommodate such a tall door.  

Slide up overhead door

Insulated Overhead Doors

Glass overhead doors are a great choice to use as a divider for the interior and exterior of your home. Overhead doors used to separate the inside and outside of your home require insulation in most cases to pass building codes. OGD® has the training and experience to recommend and install overhead doors that meet design and building code requirements.

Overhead Doors For Your Garage

OGD® offers residential overhead doors for garage openings featuring a wide range of styles and color options. Our large selection of doors is sure to meet any design or function. Reach out to the specialists at OGD® to design and install a new overhead door for your residential home.

Sectional Overheads Doors

OGD® supplies residential homeowners with a large selection of sectional overhead doors for their garage. Options include aluminum, glass, insulated, and non-insulted sectional overhead doors.
Image of a house to display new garage doors

Wood Overhead Doors

OGD® offers a wide collection of wood overhead doors for your home. Regardless of whether you’re looking for natural wood, wood composite, insulated, or non-insulated wood overhead doors,OGD® is sure to have the right door to meet your needs, functions, and style.
Rreserve custom

Carriage House Overhead Doors

Carriage house doors are a common choice for doors used for classic homes today. These overhead doors provide elegance through intricate woodwork, large handles, cross planks, custom hinges, and beautiful windows. Elegantly enhance the style of your home by working with OGD® to design and install your carriage house overhead door.
Image to show what a traditional carriage house garage door looks like

Custom Overhead Doors

Combine traditional elegance and modern functionality by working with OGD® to design and install a custom overhead door for your home. Work With OGD® to design a custom overhead door that compliments your home’s architecture and function.
Image of a custom wood garage door showing options for a wood garage door.

Top Overhead Door Brands

Thousands of Overhead Door Combinations.

Best Overhead Door Brands

OGD® takes great pride in offering our customers and clients the industry’s best and most reliable overhead door services, that’s why we work exclusively with the industry’s highest-rated overhead door brands.
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OGD® offers one of the largest selection of new garage doors. Our garage door specialists are available 24/7 to ensure we are there to answer any questions and provide a new garage door that will exceed all expectations.

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OGD® provides industry leading garage door repair services. From worn out garage door springs, to crashed doors, our technicians have what it takes to get your garage door repair done quickly and professionally.

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OGD® does more than garage doors for your home. Our technicians specialize in overhead door repair, replacement and installation on any size, style, or type of dwelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overhead doors and garage doors are often used interchangeably however they are not necessarily the same. 

Overhead doors are a type of garage door and one of the most common installed on residential homes. 


Sectional overhead doors are the most popular style of overhead doors for interior and exterior use on residential homes.