Carriage House Doors

OGD® Carriage House Doors provide a unique but classic design that allows a variety of customization including materials, insulation, operation, and decorative details.

What Are Carriage House Doors?

Original carriage house doors were manufactured with thick, heavy wood and iron hardware connecting the carriage house door to the building at the sides. Iron handles placed in the middle of the door were used to swing the door forward and out. Todays’ modern carriage house doors still offer many of the characteristics traditional carriage house doors offer, with improved materials and operation. 

OGD®Carriage House Doors

OGD® carriage house garage doors are available in a wide range of materials, styles, insulation, and design options. Our carriage house doors complement by providing the look of traditional carriage house doors with the convenience of modern overhead doors. Work with a garage door specialist at OGD® to design a carriage house door that meets R-Value, design, and operational requirements.

Types Of Carriage House Garage Doors

Steel Carriage House Garage Doors

Steel carriage house garage doors are a stylish and versatile option for those seeking a door that provides strength and durability while requiring low maintenance. OGD® offers a wide range of carriage house garage doors that enhance a rustic home’s charm or the architecture of a modern home. OGD® steel carriage house garage doors have multiple insulations, overlay, and finish options to give the door the look and function you desire.
Steel carriage house door

Wood Carriage House Garage Doors

Wood carriage-house garage doors showcase traditional carriage house door features that easily compliment the appearance of a Colonial or Craftsman home. OGD® wood carriage-house doors are offered in multiple wood species, finishes, and hardware options. Work with a specialist at OGD® to design a wood carriage house door that offers the historic charm of a traditional carriage house door and the operation of a modern overhead door.
Wood carriage house doors

Faux Wood Carriage House Garage Doors

For homeowners seeking the look of traditional wood carriage-house doors without the required maintenance, an OGD® faux wood carriage-house door is a great solution. These luxurious faux wood or wood composite doors provide the same warm, natural look of wood carriage house doors without the expense or maintenance of traditional wood doors. OGD® offers faux wood carriage house garage doors in a variety of materials including fiberglass, steel, and wood composite to accommodate any home design or lifestyle need.
Faux wood garage door

Custom Carriage House Garage Doors

When conventional carriage house doors don’t fit the need of your home’s architectural features, work with OGD® to design a custom carriage house garage door. Create the perfect custom carriage house door to compliment the aesthetic of your home while providing strength and durability. The team at OGD® walk you through each design step ensuring a custom garage door that exceeds your design aspirations.
Custom carriage house doors 2

Carriage House Door Features

Insulated Carriage House Doors

OGD® provides insulated carriage house garage doors in many materials, sizes, and styles to meet aesthetic and energy-saving requirements. Working with the garage door specialists at OGD® to design an insulated carriage house door will ensure your garage stays warm and the winter and cool in the summer. OGD® provides insulated carriage house doors in a variety of thermal-resistance values (R-value) and insulation options to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
Insulated carriage house door

Carriage House Door Overlay Patterns

OGD® offers carriage-house garage door overlay options to give the appearance of a wood carriage house door while maintaining the stability and durability of a steel carriage house door. Carriage house door overlays feature decorative panels are placed on top of the door to achieve any look desired. When choosing a carriage house door overlay, the options are endless. Work with a garage door specialist at OGD® to walk you through each overlay design option.

Stamped Carriage House Doors

Stamped carriage-house garage doors offer many benefits such as longer life expectancy and decreased maintenance compared to its counterpart – carriage house door overlays. Stamped carriage house doors are manufactured from steel and mimic authentic wood. Their durability and affordability make them a popular alternative to carriage-house door overlays. While stamped carriage-house doors have fewer design options, OGD® is sure to have one that exceeds expectations.

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