OGD® offers a variety of High Volume Low Speed fans that improve overall work conditions of a facility by regulating internal temperatures and lowering energy consumptions.

High Velocity

Low Speed Fans

OGD® provides a wide range of high velocity, low speed fans for all industrial. With a variety of dimensions, motor types, and blade styles OGD® is sure to have the right application for you.


High Velocity, Low Speed Fans also known as HVLS fans operate by circulating large amounts of air by using air streams by pulling air from above the fan down. This effect greatly influences air velocity and humidity causing a room to feel cooler without needing to manually lower the temperature- helping companies save money on cooling costs.

HVLS fans are also a great resource during the winter as the fan prevents warm air from rising and collecting at the ceiling. Utilizing an HVLS mixes air layers creating a maintainable temperature throughout the room. While HVLS fans don’t directly lower or raise temperatures within a facility, its operation provides a comfortable environment without needing to increase the expense of heating and cooling.

HVLS Fan Applications

OGD® offers HVLS fans that are great additions to a variety of facilities. Identifying what fan application works best for specific facilities ensures the fan is used efficiently. OGD® offers a variety of HVLS fans including 3-blade, 6-blade, and 8-blade HVLS options. While 3-blade HVLS fans do well in facilities such as: car dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores, 6 and 8-blade fans do best in:  large distribution warehouses, airports, sports arenas, box gyms, and more.

3-Blade HVLS Fan

3 blade hvls fan

Common 3-blade HVLS Applications

6-blade HVLS Fan

6 blade hvls fan

Common 6-blade HVLS Applications

8-blade HVLS Fan

8 blade hvls fan

Common 8-blade HVLS Applications



There are a variety of features to consider when choosing an industrial HVLS fan. Project managers with OGD® will walk you through all the features to consider when choosing and HVLS to maximize the benefits.

Fan Diameter

The diameter of the HVLS fan chosen for your industrial project makes a substantial difference in how efficiently the fan works. OGD® offers HVLS fans that range from 6′ to 24′ in diameter. Choosing the appropriate size for your facility can be overwhelming. work with the specialists at OGD® to choose the right fan diameter for your industrial facility.
Fan diameter

HVLS Motor Types

HVLS fans are offered in two motor types: direct-drive and gear box. These two motors while similar have a few differences that may persuade a choice of one fan over the other. The main differences to consider are sound, speed, and price. 

Direct Drive


Speed and Air Movement

HVLS fans operate at a lower speed or RPMs (revelations per minute) than most traditional fans. Their large diameter, long blades and slow rotation gives the fan the ability to move large quantities of air at a more efficient rate, using less power decreasing energy costs.

HVLS Shopping Essentials


Project Information

OGD® Equipment Co. provides comprehensive project information for our customers and clients to help tailor your new HVLS Fans to best fit your commercial project. Contact one of our project managers to discuss your new project today.


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OGD® provides commercial properties with all HVLS services including sales, repairs, maintenance and installation.


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