Garage Door Openers

OGD® is an authorized LiftMaster dealer providing residential homeowners with the industry’s best and most reliable garage door openers. Our full service garage door opener company provides all the accessories available such as back up batteries, garage door opener remote replacements, smart opener add-ons and more.   Work with the industry’s leading garage door technicians at OGD® to install a garage door opener that will best fit your home and lifestyle needs. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive – Chain Drive – Jackshaft Drive ​

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Although chain-drive garage door openers offer power and reliability, one main complaint of these openers is a non-negotiable for many homeowners: the noise. 

Chain-drive garage door openers are manufactured with metal chains and gears causing the door to be significantly louder while operating than its counterpart the belt-drive opener.

Chain drive garage door opener 1
Belt drive garage door opener

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

OGD® recommends belt drive garage door openers for residential homeowners who seek a highly reliable and ultra-quiet opening system. 

Belt drive garage door openers easily handle the weight of most residential garage doors and require less maintenance than their counterpart the chain drive.

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Jackshaft garage door openers, also known as wall-mount garage door openers are best used for specific applications. Some applications include garage doors with low headroom, garages with large windows above the door, and garages with cathedral ceilings. 

Jackshaft garage door openers free up overhead space in the garage by placing the garage door opener on the wall next to the garage door opening. These openers are not recommended for all applications but are a great solution for one of the scenarios listed above.

Jackshaft drive garage door opener

Garage Door Opener Components

Garage Door Opener Remotes

Regardless of whether the garage door opener remote is broken, has been lost, or was stolen, there is no need to worry. The specialist at OGD® sell a variety of garage door opener remote replacements compatible with a wide range of garage door openers. Reach out to the garage door specialists at OGD® to identify which garage door opener remote is a compatible replacement for your operating system.

2-Button Universal Remote

2 button universal remote

Mini Universal Remote

Mini universal remote

3-Button Visor Remote Control

3 button visor remote control

3-Button Mini Remote Control

3 button mini remote control

1-Button Remote Control

1 button remote control

Universal Wireless Keyless Entry

Universal wireless keyless entry

Wireless Keyless Entry

Wireless keyless entry

Garage Door Opener Smart Technology

Garage door opener smart technology app

OGD® now offers garage door openers that are not only ultra-quiet and extremely strong but also greatly enhance convenience in and out of your home. With myQ technology homeowners are granted control access and operation notifications via their smartphone, no matter their location.

Our team provides smart garage door openers for new installations as well as add-on technology to enhance your current opener providing you with all the smart garage door functions you desire.

Garage Door Opener Backup Battery

Liftmaster backup battery
During a power outage, having access to open or close your garage door could potentially be critical. With today’s garage doors weighing 200 pounds or more, it is unlikely homeowners will be able to lift the door manually. Get peace of mind by ordering a garage door opener from OGD® with a backup battery that allows homeowners to get in and out of their garage anytime, with or without power.

Full-Service Garage Door Opener Company

OGD® is a full-service garage door opener company that sells, services, and installs garage door openers. 

Work with one of our garage door specialists to identify what garage door is best for your home, identify and repair a broken garage door opener or install a new garage door opener. 

The specialists at OGD® have the training, tools, and experience to walk you through how to choose a new garage door opener, repair or replace a broken garage door opener, and install new garage door openers.

Garage Door Openers

While OGD® services all styles and brands of garage door openers including, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, Genie, and more. We take pride in offering only the highest quality and most reliable garage door openers for new installation.


As an authorized LiftMaster dealer, we are proud to provide our customers and clients with LiftMaster belt-drive garage door openers, jackshaft-drive garage door openers, and in some cases, chain-drive garage door openers.

Even more reasons to work with us.

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The overhead door specialists at OGD® are available 24/7 for emergency overhead door services


OGD® is military-owned and operated and takes great pride in hiring and training veterans.

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OGD® is a fully licensed and insured overhead door company.

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OGD® has earned the title of industry leader thanks to our rapid response times, reliable services, and exceptional communication and customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reprogramming garage door remotes depend on the brand however the most common – Liftmaster Remotes – are as follows:

1. Locate the “Learn” button on your garage door opener. It’s on the same side as the antenna. You might have to remove the light lens to access it. The button may be either green, orange, red, purple, or yellow, and beside it is a small LED.

2. Press and release the “Learn” button.

3.Within 30 seconds of pressing the “Learn” button, press and hold the button you wish to program on the remote control for three seconds, then release.

4.The LED indicator light will turn off and/or the garage door operator lights will blink to indicate that programming was successful.

There are many factors that may cause a garagae door opener to not work. Some of these include:

  1. Garage Door Remote Battery is Dead
  2. Wall sensors are misaligned
  3. An object is blocking the garage door path
  4. Power source has been disconnected
  5. Door is locked

Smart garage door openers give homeowners the opportunity to control and monitor their garage door openers from their smart phone devices.

Many new garage door openers come standard with smart accessories.

If you are not ready to replace your old garage door opener, not to worry, smart accessories are available for installation.

You can learn more about garage door openers by reaching out to one of our garage door specialists or by checking out our blog: Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Openers

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OGD® offers one of the largest selection of new garage doors. Our garage door specialists are available 24/7 to ensure we are there to answer any questions and provide a new garage door that will exceed all expectations.

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OGD® provides industry leading garage door repair services. From worn out garage door springs, to crashed doors, our technicians have what it takes to get your garage door repair done quickly and professionally.

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From new builds to home improvement projects, OGD® is happy to work with you for garage door installation services.

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OGD® repairs and replaces both torsion and extension springs for communities in and around. It is recommended to leave this dangerous task to the specialists at OGD® to ensure the safety of you and your property.

Garage Door Openers

OGD® is a certified dealer for a variety of garage door openers. Our technicians provide a wide array of garage door opener services including, repair, replacement, and installation.

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OGD® does more than garage doors for your home. Our technicians specialize in overhead door repair, replacement and installation on any size, style, or type of dwelling.