Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance Matters in Fort Worth

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Have you recently attempted to open your garage door only to have it slowly grind upward with an agonizing screech, jerking and shuddering along the way? We often take our garage doors for granted, assuming they’ll reliably open and close at our command. But over time, negligence plus wear and tear from the weather conditions […]

10 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Need to know about a garage door

Some aspects of homeownership are straightforward: If your roof is peeling, you need a new roof. If your toilet bowl cracks, you need a new toilet. Some aspects of homeownership are less obvious, like when you need a new garage door. Maybe your door opens unevenly or generates inordinate amounts of noise. Maybe it closed […]

Why You Should Leave Garage Door Repair to the Professionals

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Running into issues with your garage door is a pain, no matter how minor the issue seems. If you notice that your garage door needs repair, you might think that repairing it on your own is the quickest and easiest option. However, if your garage door needs to be repaired, it’s best to go with […]

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost? A Detailed Guide for Homeowners

Garage door repair

Garage door repair– it’s the last kind of household project you want to worry about. Whether you forgot to look in your rearview mirror before backing out of the garage, or the springs won’t open the door as easily as they once did, it’s a chunk of change that all garage owners need to face if they […]

How to Tell When You Need to Replace Garage Door Springs

Garage door spring installation

We open and close our garage doors without thinking, but have you ever considered how they work?  Your garage door springs are why your garage door opens and closes. With proper maintenance, your mighty springs can last for 12 years or more, depending on the type.  But do you know anything about garage door spring repair?  When springs […]

The Benefits of Fiberglass Garage Doors for your Home

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Is your current overhead garage door showing signs of sagging, rotting, or warping? Does it shudder and shake when opening and closing? Is the paint starting to peel or crack in the topcoat?  If you answered yes to any of the above, it sounds like it’s time to upgrade to a new garage door.  With so many different types […]

Why You Should Install a New Garage Door Today

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Did you know that garage door replacements add significantly to your home value? Contemporary garage doors are not just an aesthetic upgrade to your home or business. Modern garage doors increase your curb appeal to both customers and prospective buyers. Studies have suggested that a new garage door can add up to 4 percent on top of the […]

How To Clean Your Garage Door the Right Way

Clean your garage door the right way

Did you know 63% of all U.S. homes have a garage or carport?  With the remaining 37% of U.S. parked vehicles wishing they were part of that 63%.  There are many benefits to owning a home with a garage, attached or otherwise. You can protect your vehicle, it’s convenient and improves your curb appeal. What’s not to love?  […]

DIY Garage Door Repair

Steel panel raised doors

In the era of DIY-ing everything, garage door repairs were not able to escape the trend. Often homeowners try to save money and time by attempting repairs on their own by utilizing step-by-step tutorials online that break down how and what to do. Although these videos give them the impression that it is a pretty […]

What Type of Garage Door Springs Do I Need?

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Garage door springs take on significant wear and tear during the opening and closing of their cycles. Even with regular maintenance, your garage door springs will eventually wear out and require a replacement.  Signs indicating it is time to replace your garage door springs include, gaps between coils, sagging or loose springs, and snapped springs […]