DIY Garage Door Repair

In the era of DIY-ing everything, garage door repairs were not able to escape the trend. Often homeowners try to save money and time by attempting repairs on their own by utilizing step-by-step tutorials online that break down how and what to do. Although these videos give them the impression that it is a pretty simple process it is highly recommended to leave these repairs to the professionals. 

Garage Door Safety

It is always in your best interest to reach out to garage door specialists for any and all garage door repairs, replacements, and installations due to the severe risk of damage and injury. Annually more than 20,000 injuries in direct correlation of garage door repairs are reported with some even resulting in death. Not only do garage door repairs and replacements cause a risk of injury to a DIY-er but they may also cause a variety of other issues to the operating system itself. Repairing or replacing garage doors without the proper knowledge, training, tools, or experience may leave you in a position to question if the job was done correctly. If the repair or replacement is not done correctly you could be facing the risk of damage and injury later on down the road, taking up more time and money than had you worked with a specialist from the beginning. 

Garage Door Parts

Working with garage door specialists provides access to specialty parts that can only be supplied through certified suppliers. In the event that you are able to find and acquire these parts, it is likely you will pay just as much if not more than a garage door company due to the relationship companies build with manufacturers to ensure their customers get the best pricing possible. It is also important to note that garage door companies typically have these components on hand and can often offer a garage door repair on the same day it is requested. Attempting to order these parts without working with a garage door company will result in significant delays waiting for the parts to arrive at your home. Reaching out to a garage door specialist for your repair or replacement will ensure the proper garage door parts are acquired, the repair is done in a timely fashion, and confidence that the repair was properly handled, installed, and tested. 

The Result

DIY garage door repairs take significant investment and energy causing even more inconvenience than just a broken garage door. Often DIY-ers underestimate what is needed to ensure the garage door repair or replacement is done properly and find themselves reaching out to garage door specialists down the road due to improper repairs and replacements done on their own.

At OGD™ we believe it is important to work with an experienced garage door specialist to ensure your garage door repair, replacement, or installation is done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely. Give us a call today and tell us more about how we can help you with any of your garage door needs.

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