The Role of Garage Doors for Home Security in Athens, Texas

Protecting your property is one of the most important parts of guaranteeing that your home is the safe haven you want it to be. With an average of 1,598 home break-ins occurring daily in 2021, there’s no denying that having a secure home is critical.

Investing in secure garage doors in Athens, Texas, is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family. Your garage door plays a massive part in protecting your entire home, and a safe garage door can completely transform your home’s security.

But what is the role of garage doors for home security in Athens, Texas, and how will a new garage door improve your overall safety? Read more to find out!

Secure garage doors athens
The role of garage doors for home security in athens, texas 3

A Secure Garage Door Means a Secure Entry Point

Your garage door is one of the main entry points for your home, so investing in secure garage doors in Athens, Texas, is vital to your property’s overall safety. The more advanced and well-maintained your garage door is, the more security you’ll have at your home’s entry point.

Secure garage doors help prevent potential intruders from entering your home, and a garage door that’s visibly in prime shape and equipped with security features is much likelier to deter criminal activity than a worn-down garage door that’s easy to tamper with.

Garage Doors Protect Your Property

Beyond your and your family’s physical safety, garage doors are essential to protecting the safety of your valuable property. The garage is no stranger to expensive items, from cars to lawnmowers and pricey tools. An unsecured garage door jeopardizes your property and increases the risk of property theft.

Stealing expensive property is the leading reason behind home break-ins. The right garage door is highly resilient to break-in attempts – meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your most precious possessions.

Garage Doors Can Be Integrated Into a Broader Security System

Garage doors in Athens, Texas, aren’t the be-all and end-all for your home security, but they’re certainly an essential component of a secure home. One of the biggest reasons to invest in a new garage door is that these doors can often be integrated into a broader security system.

Your home security system may allow you to operate and monitor your garage door remotely, giving you access to all of the best security strategies to promote a safe home.

Garage Doors Require Access Codes

Another way that garage doors protect your home is by requiring access codes to open and close. You’re likely familiar with the keypad you’ll find alongside many garage doors, which allows you to open the door with a custom code that potential thieves won’t waste time guessing.

This access code is an excellent crime deterrent and can go a long way in preventing home break-ins that would otherwise be possible. The better your garage door, the more you’ll be able to safeguard your home against harm.

Garage Doors Can Be Emergency Exits

Home security isn’t only about preventing thieves from entering your property – a truly secure home has a comprehensive system that addresses all potential threats, including ones that might originate in the home.

In the case of an emergency like a fire, having a functional garage door is vital. If something happens and you and your family need to exit quickly, a secure garage door will provide an additional exit point where you can reach safety outdoors.

Garage Doors Provide Weather Protection

Another potential threat to your home’s safety comes from severe weather. While you can’t prevent extreme weather, you can prepare your home to stay safe against the elements when you take the proper precautions, such as investing in secure garage doors in Athens, Texas.

A high-quality garage door will protect against harsh weather conditions and ensure that weather doesn’t damage your home’s structural integrity – giving you the peace of mind you need when things get hectic outside.

Secure garage doors athens tx
The role of garage doors for home security in athens, texas 4

Tips for Garage Security

Your garage door plays a significant part in your overall home security. But while your garage door already goes a long way in providing safety, there are some additional ways you can guarantee garage door security and protect your home better than ever before.

Some tips for enhancing garage door security include:

  • Don’t leave your garage door open when it isn’t necessary, especially when you aren’t around.
  • If your garage has windows, keep them covered to prevent thieves from looking into it.
  • Replace any outdated garage doors with new, secure doors, like the garage doors from OGD®.
  • Don’t leave too many valuables inside your garage, and keep valuables outside your vehicles.
  • Schedule regular inspections for your garage door, especially once you’ve had it for some time. Annual inspections are important to guarantee your door’s safety.
  • Take advantage of a garage security system, such as investing in an alarm system to know when someone is trying to enter your home.
  • Be familiar with your garage door’s emergency release and know how to manually open the door in an emergency.
  • Keep your remote control openers secured, ensuring they aren’t accessible to children or exposed in public where another individual can access them.
  • Don’t rely on DIY repairs when you notice something wrong with your garage door – hiring professionals to fix your door is always the best option.
  • Keep your garage door well-maintained and do small maintenance tasks when necessary. Rely on professionals for larger maintenance tasks that can jeopardize your door’s safety.

Find Garage Doors in Athens, Texas, From OGD®

Having a reliable and secure garage door is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your home. OGD® provides homeowners with the best garage doors in Athens, Texas, to take your home security to the next level.

OGD® provides residential and commercial garage doors to keep your home safe and help you love where you live. Our services include garage door repairs and door installation to help you enhance your home and guarantee ultimate protection.

Learn more about OGD® today and contact us to find the garage door solution you want!

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