7 Trending Garage Doors in 2023

Are you eager to give your home a facelift? With garage door remodels up by over 18% recently, this critical part of your home’s exterior is a great place to start. You can tie in your garage door with the rest of your home’s facade or choose a unique look that adds architectural interest. 

Best of all, you’ll only enhance your home’s value when you choose a trendy style that’s popular with today’s homeowners. Read on to learn about the 7 trending garage doors of 2023 you should consider!

1. Make Wood the Star of the Show

Wood garage doors are an ideal choice when you’re looking for something that’s both timeless and trendy. Rather than painting the wood, choose a stain to let the materials be the star of the show. You’ll be able to show off the beauty of the natural wood grain.

Wood garage door options can look classic and rugged. But you can make them feel more modern, too. A lot depends on the finishes and style of your particular doors.

Even if your home’s design skews more toward a modern style, introducing a few natural materials can have a positive impact on the overall aesthetic. Wood will mesh perfectly with a modern home constructed from a mix of glass, steel, or concrete.

You can focus on horizontal and vertical lines to keep the design elements simple. For instance, look into a garage door featuring cedar or mahogany horizontal beams. This would be a stripped-down and contemporary way to approach a wood garage door. 

But if you’re looking for more ornamentation, consider a raised panel door or carriage-style door. With these two garage door styles, you’ll get details such as beveled trim and intricate carving.

Plus, carriage doors create the illusion of old-time garage doors that swing outwards. In reality, though, most modern carriage doors lift upwards for added convenience. 

With raised panel doors, rails and stiles fit together to construct the door. These stately doors offer the appearance of hand-carved woodwork. But they have the weather-resistant qualities you expect in a garage door. 

And if you go with a wood garage door, look for ways to connect it to its surroundings. To tie the wood in with the rest of the house, match your porch columns or trim to the wood of your garage door. You’ll keep your home cohesive while adding warmth. 

Are you planning to list your home soon? When buyers see a rich wood door, they may just assume your home is of higher quality. And if you go with a pricier wood like redwood, you may be able to price your home higher.

From a technical standpoint, wood is a superior choice, too. Cedar and mahogany won’t be prone to pest damage and they’re resistant to warping. As another benefit, cedar’s lightweight nature makes it easy to open. 

Choose unfinished cedar planks for a rustic look. Or apply a stain for a lustrous look that will look more refined. Whatever route you go, you’ll love the versatility of wood when you’re considering differing garage door styles!

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2. Try an Industrial Style

An industrial-style garage door is one where muted colors and simple materials unite to create an understated look. Industrial garage doors may be reminiscent of a warehouse or other non-descript setting. But in a residential setting, they are ideal when a straightforward door is your goal. 

Industrial doors are low on frills, often containing no ornamentation. And when you’re looking for materials, industrial metals like steel are popular options. 

Steel is an economical door solution that won’t require much upkeep. On the downside, you’ll have to watch for corrosion and rust. But if you’re looking to introduce industrial aesthetics on a budget, steel provides a good entry point. 

On the other hand, you might prefer the weather-resistant and lightweight nature of aluminum. Further, you won’t have to worry about corrosion when rain and storms pass through. Fit some light-filtering panels of glass into an aluminum frame for a clean look that will suit a more modern home!

That’s right — just because your garage door is industrial doesn’t mean you have to avoid windows. Consider a simple vertical panel on one side to break up the space and let in some light. Or go with an asymmetrical arrangement of elongated panels. 

For an ultra-sophisticated look, consider a flush-mount design. For homes where a minimalist style is a must, this type of door is the perfect answer. A flush-mount garage door will blend seamlessly with the walls on either side. 

You can use wood, aluminum, composite timbers, or acrylic doors to achieve this look. Ultimately, the flush-mount garage is not even noticeable as a distinct door. The only time you’ll be aware it’s there is when it’s open. 

If you want a little more texture in your industrial garage, affix aluminum battens to the surface of an aluminum door. Likewise, cladding can create subtle vertical textures that add visual interest. 

And if you want to adjust the color of your neutral metal door, you can. Metal gel stains can imbue your metal door with an earthy green or brown tone. You’ll be able to maintain your industrial aesthetic — but with a hint of color. 

Industrial-style garage doors offer a utilitarian look that benefits from the materials used to construct them. And you can choose roll-up or bi-fold options if you’re low on space.  

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3. Go Farmhouse Chic with a New Garage Door

Farmhouse garage doors have been trending for the past several years — and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Typically, you can find farmhouse-style doors in wood and composite materials. 

Farmhouse doors work well with cabin-style homes. But they even can suit French country homes, which share some similarities with farmhouses. While farmhouse doors don’t all subscribe to the same format, they all project a sense of warmth and vintage style. 

If you’ve recently painted your home white, consider going with the warmth of a rustic wooden farmhouse door. Pairing wood with white has emerged as a popular style in interior and exterior updates for homes. And a cedar garage door stained a deep brown would be a rugged addition to your home. 

Choose reclaimed wood for a custom door that won’t look like anything else in the neighborhood. You’ll see variations in wood tones that can keep you looking and add more of a rustic feel. But don’t feel like you’re limited to wooden doors.

Farmhouse doors can be white, black, or any tone that matches your home. And you can introduce as much or as little detailing as you want into your farmhouse door, too.

You can add crossbuck panels, for instance, which sit on the surface of your door and introduce a distinct farmhouse feel. If you’re going for a farmhouse look inside and out, you may even want to introduce this design motif into your cabinetry and furniture. 

Consider adding metal detailing, like decorative nails or studs, as well. Old iron handles, door knockers, or hinges are also good ways to create a nostalgic style. Attach decorative garage door hinges as yet another way to create a vintage look that will harken back to a simpler time.

If you’re concerned that a rustic door might look too heavy, insert a few windows to lighten the appearance and let in natural light. Or incorporate some metal with wide planks to create a mixed-media door.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. Flank your doors with rustic wall lanterns to highlight your beautiful farmhouse door as the sun sets each night.  

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4. Turn to Contemporary Black 

For a stylish new garage door, think about giving black a try as the dominant color. You’ll achieve a modern look that instantly adds impact and contrast to the rest of your home. Even if you think your home is too traditional to pull off this look, you might be surprised by how crisp a black garage door can appear.

If you have a home with fresh white siding, pair it with black trim and a black garage door. If your home features more rustic materials, like natural wood or stone, black can help add definition to a neutral color scheme. The crisp achromatic style will bring instant curb appeal that can raise the value of your home. 

And if your garage door is old and tired, a coat of black or charcoal gray paint can instantly upgrade it. Use frosted grass in place of existing glass windows to complete the fresher look. 

You can make steel, fiberglass, or wood garage doors black. Choose a matte finish for a softer and more contemporary look. Or go with gloss for a flashier and sleek exterior.

And to optimize cohesiveness, get matchy. In other words, match your front door to your black garage door. You’ll add balance to the design scheme and keep some consistency. 

Black might sound like a heavy choice for a garage door. But punching up your home with more contrast is the latest trend in home design. With an uptick in the popularity of darker colors, you can even increase your home’s asking price with a black garage door.

Not to mention, today’s paint is formulated to ensure that a black garage is not a heat magnet. While black paint historically would absorb heat, leading to the possibility of warping, today’s black paint can resist it. That means your garage will stay cooler in the summer heat if you’re using it for projects or storage. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go with black, you can opt for another dark color to stay on trend. A slate gray or navy blue, for instance, can deliver depth with a hint of color. 

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5. Add Glass for Modern Flair

If you’re looking for a contemporary sense of style, glass is the right choice. And the more glass you include in your door design, the classier and more contemporary your door can look. You’ll end up with a full-view garage door that can double as a large window overlooking your property!

In many glass garage doors, an aluminum frame is what holds the panes of glass together. Depending on the style and color of the frame, you can create as much or as little contrast as you want. And you’re not limited to a standard size of glass window when you’re choosing how to create the perfect door.

For instance, you can choose narrow, arched, or square windows. Consider the size and scale of your home’s windows to find a compatible choice for your garage door.

A matte black aluminum frame with narrow, elongated windows could be a great update, for instance. This versatile look can match a midcentury modern home or new construction. 

As another option, choose a powder-coated frame in a rich brown finish. Then use tinted gray glass panels to arrive at a balanced combination of modern style and warmth. 

For even more of a minimalist style, go with a floating glass door. In this design, the frame won’t be visible, meaning the glass will appear like it’s hovering. This garage door will turn heads and add an elegant entrypoint to your parking pad. 

You may wonder about the durability of a glass door. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice strength to get the clean aesthetic you want. For the most resilient glass, choose a tempered glass door.

Tempered glass, which is used in car windows, won’t break into large and dangerous shards if a thunderstorm rolls through town and causes damage. Instead, it will shatter into smaller pieces that are less likely to cause injury.  

Clear glass is the best choice if you’re hoping to introduce more natural light into your garage. For garages that also function as workout spaces or workshops, the extra warmth might be a welcome addition.

But you don’t have to stick with standard transparent glass if you’re concerned about privacy. Choose a frosted option for a little more privacy. Or go with mirrored or tinted glass to help obscure the contents of your garage. 

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6. Introduce Windows for a Trendy Update

If you don’t want wall-to-wall glass for your door, you can add touches of glass instead. Glass windows can lighten the appearance of garage doors, particularly if you have multiple doors. When you want a simple and trendy fix, insert some windows.

They’re also easy to change when you get tired of a particular style. And as another perk, you can inject windows into just about any garage door material. This includes cheaper options, like vinyl. 

Choose long, horizontal windows to help elongate the space that your garage door occupies. Alternatively, shorter windows with grilles can create a more intricate look. 

For a front-facing garage, a few intricate windows lining the top portion can tie in with the rest of the home. They’ll also help soften the appearance of the garage so it’s not the first thing visitors fixate on. Besides, a flat beige garage door isn’t exactly the most exciting way to greet anyone who pulls up toward it.

If you own a Craftsman-style or bungalow home, choose a warm Craftsman garage door with Prairie-style windows. The thin grilles on these windows will add a distinct vintage flair that ties in perfectly with the architecture of your home. 

Even more traditional garage door windows can yield a trendy update. A traditional solid door with grooved panels can transform into a more interesting space with a row of windows. Choose arched windows that taper on each side for an elegant sense of style. 

As another option, introduce windows that move vertically down one side of the garage door. For example, you could choose a wide plank door with simple rectangular windows on the right side. Painted in a deep gray, this will look clean and avoid overpowering the rest of your home. 

The windows on a front-facing garage will help extend the lightness created by windows in other parts of your home’s exterior. They’ll help prevent one side of your home from feeling heavy. Ultimately, they’ll create visual balance. 

If you’re concerned about security, know that you can install windows above eye level. You won’t have to worry about people peering in and coveting your cars. But you’ll still benefit from the natural light. 

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7. Play with Bold Colors

Who says a garage door has to be neutral? While sleek, neutral colors can create a modern and sophisticated look, bold colors can create more personality. 

If you’re not looking for garage door styles that blend in with their surroundings, you’ll have plenty of attractive options. And if you want your home to reflect a distinct and bright personality, sometimes a punch of color is the right answer. 

Think of your garage door as the perfect backdrop for an accent color. To make your home seem friendly and inviting, check out a warmer color like orange or red. These colors burst with personality and may even help your home look larger.

For the adventurous homeowner, a two-tone garage door can be a showstopper. If your home has cobalt blue siding, choose a cobalt blue garage door. But add decorative slats, trim work, and window grilles in white to let your door pop.

On the other hand, you might not want your home to stand out from the neighbors. In this case, you can still choose a bold color — but you should stick with a cooler color. For instance, a blue or cool green can enrich your exterior without commanding as much attention. 

When in doubt, let a color wheel serve as your guide to choosing a bold new color for your garage door. For instance, if your home is a deep blue and you want to have a statement garage door, go with orange. Orange sits across from blue on the color wheel, meaning you’ll achieve the highest chromatic contrast.

Bold colors on garage doors also work well in vacation settings. For instance, a teal garage door would be a fun choice for a bed and breakfast in an oceanside town. Or punch up a front-facing garage in a trendy tourist town with a coat of lime or yellow to create a playful space.

When you’re working with bolder colors and patterns, be sure that you’re not overwhelming the exterior of your home. A home with bright purple siding and white trim might not need a garage door swimming in patterns. Test out color options that consider the existing colors of siding, trim, and doors. 

If you want to add a little more polish, surround your fresh new garage door with wood trim. Choose a painted white trim to surround a baby blue door to complement the white trim around your windows. Or go with a natural wood look for a little less contrast.

And remember that what surrounds your colorful new door can enhance just how vibrant those colors are. For a blue door, add some zesty potted marigolds on either side. With a decorative burst of color in a contrasting tone, you’ll play up the saturation. 

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Explore Trending Garage Doors

When you want to spice up your home’s curb appeal and functionality, trending garage doors are a great choice. To make a bold statement, go with a black door or an all-glass option that gives your home more contrast and modern flair. If you want a timeless choice that also is trendy, choose a wooden door that can take on a farmhouse aesthetic or look contemporary. 

Ready to upgrade your garage door with a trendy new look? We would love to help you out.

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