What Type of Garage Door Springs Do I Need?

Garage door springs take on significant wear and tear during the opening and closing of their cycles. Even with regular maintenance, your garage door springs will eventually wear out and require a replacement. 

Signs indicating it is time to replace your garage door springs include, gaps between coils, sagging or loose springs, and snapped springs between coils. If you have noticed any of the signs listed above, it is time for a garage door repair or replacement. 

Continuing to utilize a garage door with springs that are no longer in optimal condition puts not only your property at risk of more damage but you and your family due to the extreme tension garage door springs are under. Ignoring symptoms of broken or worn-out garage door springs will only cause further damage to your garage door and opener as it will cause the motor to take on the significant strain and cause the motor to wear out, resulting in a much more expensive repair. 

Replacing garage door springs is an easy task for trained specialists such as those at OGD™, however, if you are looking to began researching and asking for quotes it’s important to know what type of garage door springs your garage door operating system currently has. 

While researching you will come across a wide variety of garage door springs, however, the majority of residential garage doors use either torsion or extension springs. 

Torsion or Extension Springs?

The number one identifying factor to discover what type of garage door spring your operating system currently has is simply to locate the springs on the door. If the spring is resting horizontally above the garage door, it is likely to be a torsion spring. 

Torsion springs are under immense tension as they are tightly wound taking weight off the door as it opens and closes. If you’ve recently heard a loud bang, it is highly like your torsion spring has broken and needs immediate tension. 

If you discovered your garage door springs running parallel to the garage door tracks on both sides of your door, it is highly likely your operating system is utilizing extension springs. 

Now that you know what type of garage door springs your garage door is operating with you can reach out to one of the specialists at OGD™ to request a quote and schedule an appointment to quickly repair or replace your garage door springs, same day.

Working with OGD™ for a garage door spring repair or replacement includes a 27 point inspection to ensure all major elements of your garage door are working properly and haven’t been damaged by the broken garage door spring.

No need to wait, book an appointment by calling (844) 920-3667 to speak with a garage door specialist at OGD™ and schedule your garage door repair or replacement same day.

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