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Find yourself needing a garage door service in Charlotte, NC? Look no further than the specialists at OGD® for garage door repairs, maintenance, and installation. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading response times, reliable technicians, and quality services its no surprise we are known as Charlotte leading garage door service company. 

Home to more than 873,000 people, there are many garage doors on homes and businesses that require servicing while it keeps us busy we love nothing more than serving the communities of Charlotte – home to Levine Museum of the New South, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame this metropolitan city has a lot to offer. As the city continues to grow we gladly work with:

  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Business Owners
  • Home Owners
  • Developers

Garage Door Repair

Our 24/7 customer service line offers residents of Charlotte a live operator to quickly schedule a garage door repair in your area. Our teams are trained to identify repairs needed and quickly resolve them regardless of the repair needed. Our garage door repair specialties include:

  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Crashed Doors
  • Dented Doors
  • Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Opener Repair
  • And much more.

Garage Door Spring Repair Charlotte

Garage door spring repair is a vital maintenance service aimed at addressing issues with the springs in your garage door system. These springs play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of your garage door by counterbalancing its weight, making it easier to open and close. Over time, these springs can wear out or break due to the constant stress they endure, which can render your garage door inoperable or even dangerous.

When you opt for garage door spring repair, a trained technician will inspect your springs for signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, deformation, or corrosion. Depending on the type of springs used in your system (torsion springs or extension springs), they will either repair the damaged components or replace them entirely. This service not only ensures the safe and efficient functioning of your garage door but also extends its lifespan, preventing costly emergencies and potential safety hazards.

Certainly, when considering hiring OGD® for your garage door spring repair needs in Charlotte, there are several compelling reasons to choose us. First and foremost, our extensive experience in the industry sets us apart. With years of dedicated service in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our team of highly trained technicians possesses a deep understanding of garage door systems, ensuring that we can efficiently diagnose and repair any spring-related issues with precision.

Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We take pride in delivering top-notch service, always prioritizing safety and quality. Whether it’s a torsion spring or extension spring, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle the repair promptly, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine. Furthermore, our competitive pricing and transparent communication ensure that you receive excellent value for your investment. When you choose OGD® for your garage door spring repair, you’re selecting a trusted partner dedicated to restoring the functionality and security of your garage door promptly and professionally.

Garage Door Openers 

Garage door openers are essential devices designed to automate the operation of your garage door, offering convenience and security to homeowners. They consist of an electric motor, typically housed in a unit installed on the ceiling of the garage. The motor is connected to a drive mechanism, which determines how the garage door is moved. There are three common types of drive mechanisms: chain-drive, belt-drive, and screw-drive.

Chain-drive openers use a metal chain to move the door, making them robust and cost-effective but can be noisier compared to other options. Belt-drive openers use a rubber belt for quieter and smoother operation, making them a popular choice for attached garages or homes with living spaces above the garage. Screw-drive openers utilize a threaded rod to lift and lower the door and are known for their reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Garage door openers also come with various features, including remote controls, wall-mounted control panels, safety sensors to prevent accidents, and even smartphone connectivity for remote operation and monitoring. Choosing the right garage door opener depends on factors like noise tolerance, budget, and the size and weight of your garage door, among others.

If your garage door opener is not functioning as well as it once did or is out of order completely, we are here to help. Our specialists have the ability to identify the issue quickly and provide a solution for garage door opener repair in Charlotte. In the event your garage door opener requires more than a repair, our specialists will work with you to provide a garage door opener replacement to fit your needs. Working with the industry’s top manufacturers such as Genie and Liftmaster, we are able to supply you with the best and most reliable garage door opener.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is recommended to be done at least twice a year, unfortunately, this task is one that often gets forgotten. Without proper maintenance on your garage door in Charlotte, your garage door and components may begin to experience issues over time due to exposure to elements, consistent use, and untimely accidents. Neglecting this task may result in costly repairs and early replacement down the road. Not to worry though, OGD® offers garage door maintenance plans that fit all garage door needs. Working with OGD® for garage door maintenance maximizes your garage door life cycle, improves efficiency, and gives you peace of mind.  

New Garage Doors

Enhance your home or business with new garage doors, a great replacement for outdated, damaged, or broken garage doors. New garage doors improve your curb appeal and have the ability if done correctly to increase the value of your home. We at OGD® will walk you through our many options for new garage doors that will complement any home’s character. Building a new home? We will happily supply and install new garage doors for that too. Give us a call to discuss our many garage door styles and brands to find the one that will maximize your home value. 

Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is the process of professionally setting up a new garage door system or replacing an existing one. It involves several steps, including measuring the opening, selecting the appropriate door and opener, assembling and installing the components, ensuring proper alignment, and testing the system for functionality and safety. Garage door installation requires precision and expertise to ensure that the door operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

When considering why you should hire a particular company, such as “us,” for garage door installation, there are several key reasons to keep in mind:

  • Expertise and Experience: Hiring a reputable company ensures that experienced professionals will handle the installation. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle various types of garage doors, from traditional to contemporary, and can navigate any unexpected challenges that may arise during the installation process.
  • Quality Assurance: Professional installers are well-versed in industry standards and guidelines, guaranteeing that your garage door will be installed correctly and safely. This reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, or premature wear and tear due to improper installation.
  • Customization and Selection: A reliable garage door installation company can assist you in choosing the right door and opener for your specific needs, considering factors like insulation, security, design, and budget. They can also provide options for customization to match your home’s aesthetics.
  • Warranty and Support: Reputable companies often provide warranties on their workmanship and the products they install. This peace of mind ensures that if any issues arise post-installation, you have a reliable source to turn to for support and repairs.
  • Safety Compliance: Professionals are well-versed in safety measures and regulations, ensuring that your garage door installation adheres to local building codes and safety standards. This is crucial for your family’s safety and can prevent potential legal issues.
  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Hiring experts can save you time and effort. They can complete the installation efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your new garage door is ready to use as quickly as possible.

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Ready to transform your garage door experience? Choose OGD® for top-tier garage door services that guarantee safety, convenience, and reliability. Whether you need a repair, installation, or maintenance, our expert technicians are here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and let us ensure your garage door operates seamlessly, providing security and ease of access to your home. Discover the OGD® difference – your trusted partner for all your garage door needs.

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I have been dealing with failing springs on my garage door over the past ten years. Cory saw the issue and so far so good. Cory was punctual and communicated well. 


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Called today at 10:30 am and it was fixed by 2:30. They worked out a great deal with me. Would definitely recommend.                                                                              


Kandace Herring

Great Service.  Adam, the service technician saved us a lot of money by repairing the damaged door rather than having to replace part or all of it.                                             


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