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Scottsdale has a lot of people, a lot of homes, and a lot of garages. With a population of 254,995, we’re more than up for the challenge of installing, repairing, or inspecting all those garage doors. We are OGD® Overhead Garage Door and are proud to specialize in residential and commercial overhead door and dock equipment services throughout Scottsdale AZ.

With unparalleled full-service repair and installations for homes and businesses throughout Scottsdale AZ, we are your go-to local garage door service company that gets the job done. 

New Garage Doors in Scottsdale AZ

Looking for a relatively inexpensive way to transform the look and function of your Scottsdale home? New garage doors can do that and more. Sure, they add curb appeal, but they also add operation, comfort, and energy efficiency to any space. Let our technicians safely replace your old and outdated garage door or operating systems with the newest model. 

We know garage door installations, so seek us out whether you need one for an upgrade on an existing property, a new build, or as a replacement for a damaged door. Our guidance can ensure you are connected with the best service for your needs.

Garage door springs break down and need replacing. This can be a dangerous job for the uninitiated though. That’s why you should seek out the expertise of our seasoned professionals who are highly trained to repair or replace your garage door springs. Quick, effective, safe: this is what you get with our garage door spring services. You may be in need of these spring services either because of an accident, old age, or exposure to the elements. In any case, call us.

Garage Door Maintenance

Every garage door has a finite lifespan. The best way to extend yours is to engage in regular maintenance through the years. This will keep your doors and openers operating safely and efficiently for many years to come. Let us set you up with a schedule so you don’t have to remember to call for yearly service. 

Garage door openers fuel the operation of your garage doors. If they’re not working properly, your door will be of no use. We give you access to a wide variety of garage door opener repair and replacement options that incorporate such trusted brands as LiftMaster and Genie.

Garage Door Repair

We happen to be Scottsdale trusted local overhead door and dock equipment company, here for you 24/7 with exceptional customer service and live operators. We can repair your door quickly while minimizing disruption to your daily life.

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