Why Won’t My Garage Door Close

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home from a long day of work to find that your garage door won’t close. If you have found yourself in this position there are a few factors to consider. Some issues might be minor that may only require a few adjustments yourself, while others are cause for more concern requiring a trained garage door specialist.

The first step in identifying the culprit is to check the batteries in your garage door remote as well as to ensure there is the power to the opener. Although this may seem like common sense, you would be surprised to know how many times our technicians have arrived at a home only to discover the remote simply needed new batteries. An easy way to identify this issue is to test the garage door by utilizing the wall button. If the garage door responds to the command it is likely the issue is caused by the garage door remote. We would recommend replacing the batteries and trying to close the garage door. In the event that this does not solve the problem it is best to reach out to a garage door specialist at OGD™ to examine and identify what is causing the garage door remote to become unresponsive.

New garage door openers offer many safety features such as the lock-out option for remotes. This feature prevents the opener from sending open and close signals to the garage door. If this feature has accidentally been turned out, it will not matter how many times the buttons are pressed. Simply reverse this feature and try the door again. If your garage door is still not responding it may be time to reach out to a specialist.

Another common issue we have encountered with our customer’s garage doors not opening issues with the photo-eyes. These sensors are a safety feature that has been required since 1993 to prevent the door from closing on people, cars, and other objects. If these sensors have been damaged in any way, the door will not close. To identify if this is the issue, examine the area around the photo-eyes to see if any objects have fallen and blocked the sensors from reading the entryway properly. If this does not seem to be the issue, the next step is to see if the photo-eyes have become misaligned. If the sensors look bent it is likely this is the case. In the event, you find a misaligned sensor it is best to have a professional evaluate and realign the sensors to ensure your garage door is able to open and close without any more issues.

If none of these seem to be the cause of your problems, it is likely there is a more serious repair needed to get the door back in proper working order, and is recommended to have a garage door specialist examine the entire garage door system to identify and resolve the problem. In the event, you may find your garage door needing new springs, cables, or an entirely new garage door opener. The specialists at OGD™ are happy to walk you through each step in identifying your garage door issues, reach out to us today for any questions or concerns regarding your garage door. 

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