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Sun., Dec. 28
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Hanukkah begins this week, while Christmas and Kwanzaa take place next week. How are you doing on your holiday shopping?
Number of votes cast: 55
Numerous professional athletes have recently publicly protested the Michael Brown and Eric Garner police brutality verdicts. Regardless of your stance on the lack of indictments, do you think their public protests are ok?
Number of votes cast: 137
A politician's communications director, Elizabeth Lauten, bashed President Obama's daughters on Facebook recently on their attire and attitude at the turkey pardon ceremony. She was criticized for the post and has resigned. Was the resignation warranted?
Number of votes cast: 68
Numerous women have come out with sexual assault allegations against famed comedian Bill Cosby recently. His reputation has taken a large hit, but some are skeptical of the alleged victim's recounts. Do you believe the stories?
Number of votes cast: 103
In the past two months, six north country businesses have permanently closed their doors. What do you believe is the primary reason for this?
Number of votes cast: 72
Holiday season will soon be upon us. Which is your favorite of the upcoming trio of holidays?
Number of votes cast: 65
Certain areas of the north country saw the slightest bit of snowfall last weekend as winter begins in less than two months. Do you prefer the hot or cold weather?
Number of votes cast: 81
A New York doctor who recently returned from West Africa tested positive for Ebola last week. On a scale of 1-10, how worried are you about a potential full-on outbreak reaching your area?
Number of votes cast: 82
The 2014 MLB World Series begins this week. Who are you rooting for?
Number of votes cast: 71
Election Day is on Nov. 4. What will be the primary factor in how you cast your votes?
Number of votes cast: 59
One-time death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is serving a life sentence for the 1981 murder of a cop, spoke by video to 20 graduates from a Vermont college, encouraging them to "strive to transform the world." Are you ok with the selection?
Number of votes cast: 52
Do you believe that overall, political attack ads are over the top with their criticism?
Number of votes cast: 63
Massena Town Supervisor Joseph D. Gray recently spoke out against campaign signs on public property in the area. Do you have an issue with the placement of some campaign signs?
Number of votes cast: 65
The U.S. government began a program Monday, reaching out to key community members country-wide to try to stop radicalized young people from joining Islamic State and other extremist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq. Do you think this is necessary?
Number of votes cast: 50
Tuesday is primary election day for New York state and local offices. Will you be headed to the polls?
Number of votes cast: 37
The NFL season starts this week. Who is your team?
Number of votes cast: 91
Which of these recent nationally and internationally trending news stories have you been following most closely?
Number of votes cast: 53
Legendary actor/comedian Robin Williams passed away last week. Which was your favorite movie role played by Williams?
Number of votes cast: 47
Are you willing to financially support the reconstruction of Fort La Presentation?
Number of votes cast: 44
Should the town of Oswegatchie impose restrictions on temporary businesses from out of the area so they don't hurt year-round local businesses?
Number of votes cast: 61
Do you think the city should be taking better care of its monuments, like the Ford Family Vault?
Number of votes cast: 64
In a time of fiscal stress, are raises appropriate for any city school district employees?
Number of votes cast: 41
Should the Ogdensburg Housing Authority charge its low-income tenants for routine repairs and services like opening locked doors?
Number of votes cast: 116
Should the Ogdensburg Growth Fund take over city-owned properties, fix them and sell them?
Number of votes cast: 60
Who do you think is the most likely winner in the north country Congressional race?
Number of votes cast: 87
Should Morristown and Hammond schools share a superintendent?
Number of votes cast: 121
Who are you rooting for in this Sunday's Super Bowl?
Number of votes cast: 44
Do you think Ogdensburg should go to a metered water system?
Number of votes cast: 62
Do you prefer real Christmas trees or fake ones?
Number of votes cast: 44
Do you think state lawmakers should consider legalizing marijuana for medical use?
Number of votes cast: 57
How often do you shop locally?
Number of votes cast: 27
Should Morristown and Hammond schools pursue a merger?
Number of votes cast: 35
With no state legislation passed this year to set up a regional high school, should struggling schools still pursue it?
Number of votes cast: 21
Do you think the St. Lawrence County District Attorney's Office is doing a good job prosecuting criminal cases?
Number of votes cast: 70
Following last week's alleged cross burning arrest in Morristown, do you believe racism is still alive and well in St. Lawrence County?
Number of votes cast: 55
How do you view the smoking ban on St. Lawrence County property?
Number of votes cast: 53
Do you think a veterans hospital should be established in Ogdensburg?
Number of votes cast: 66
How important is community identity to you in a school context?
Number of votes cast: 23
If the St. Lawrence County district attorney race were held today, for whom would you vote?
Number of votes cast: 50
Do you think a new approach is needed to fight drug use in Ogdensburg and other St. Lawrence County communities?
Number of votes cast: 59
Do you think the state Legislature should repeal the gun law it passed in January?
Number of votes cast: 51
Do you think the governor's proposal to lower hunting and fishing license fees will bring more sporting tourists to the north country?
Number of votes cast: 54
Will rising gas prices affect your spring break vacation plans?
Number of votes cast: 29
Do you approve of St. Lawrence County's plan to raise its sales tax from 3 percent to 4 percent?
Number of votes cast: 73
Do you agree that if a casino is to be sited in St. Lawrence County, Ogdensburg is the place to put it?
Number of votes cast: 110
In light of St. Lawrence County's financial situation, should department heads be getting raises?
Number of votes cast: 82
Is a casino a good idea for St. Lawrence County?
Number of votes cast: 82
Will new restrictions on assault weapons, gun magazines and more background checks make us safer?
Number of votes cast: 85
Do you think the Interstate 98, or Rooftop Highway, concept is one the north country should continue to pursue?
Number of votes cast: 75
Will establishing a regional high school alleviate struggling schools' financial woes?
Number of votes cast: 14
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